Goode continually seeks to inspire, hoping to show the world the limitless possibilities of movement and dance. Recognized as a leading balance expert by practitioners around the world, he is available for teaching opportunities, special performances and private lessons.

Cyberyoga is a journey that I created based on the principles of years meditation and variations of practice.




CYBER is actually an acronym; It’s Calisthenics, Yoga, Breaking, Evolution, Revolution and YOGA. The body of knowledge is all in basic movement, and all I do is bring to it the “New Age” as a spiritual practice like my way of giving back to the world.




Lifestyle is my approach to fitness, and in today’s world of high technology there is the easy path of sitting down for gameplay. What if you do that meditatively, posturally?



Pay it forward

Sharing my work, is my lifestyle and working with people in my interactions or solo to help anyone progress and finesse is a discipline — you can take it away and try it with your friends.